We are David and Mel, a teacher and translator/certified wine-o, respectively. Four years ago we decided to go on sabbatical in 2017 to take some time to travel. Avid sailors, we bought a sailboat in St. Martin with a plan to sail the Caribbean for a year. While we waited out the 2017 Caribbean hurricane season, we spent 9 weeks exploring Europe, starting in Portugal and ending in Cyprus. In between, we hit up Barcelona, the south of France, Italy, and did a week-long sailing charter in the Greek Islands.

In November 2017, we finally arrived in Irma-ravaged St. Martin and spent a long 7 weeks getting Ar Sgrail, our trusty Cabot 36, ready for our December launch. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to see as many islands in the eastern Caribbean as possible! We even decided to make this an annual excursion by becoming snowbirds! We call it our pre-retirement.

If you love the idea of discovering new cultures, eating amazing food, drinking fabulous wines, swimming and snorkeling in the Caribbean and/or sailing the world, then you’ll probably want to follow along!

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