Happy 2022!

Happy New Year, friends! When we left off in November, we were in Grenada, slowly getting back into the swing of liveaboard life. Mel continued to be a translation machine from the boat, and we worked through the never-ending list of boat jobs, including: * replacing our house batteries after frying one of them due [...]

WE’RE BACK! Grenada boat life: Week 1

We’re back in the Caribbean and it feels so good! [New here? Check out our backstory] On November 10, we flew down to Grenada. As usual, the week leading up to our departure was crazy getting the house ready to run as an AirBnb in our absence, then driving down to southern Ontario for David’s [...]

BVI finale

Back in February, when coronavirus was barely a blip on the radar, we were still in the BVIs, after finally making our annual escape from SXM. We love St. Martin but it seems to have a magnetic pull that keeps us from exploring further afield, so when we finally leave we wonder what the heck [...]