Life goes on in SXM

Update from the boat!

Hello friends!

Somehow, two months have flown by since our last post. Yes, we are still in SXM (St. Martin). Mel’s been busy translating and David has been lending a hand full-time at a friend’s marine upholstery business. Last Sunday was our first day off in a while so we went for an impromptu sail!

Sailing in the Anguilla Channel
Out sailing for the afternoon. Happy place!

A friend was surprised we didn’t do this more often. It’s one thing with our small boat in Ottawa, where it sits at the dock, and we just hop in and go. With Ar Sgrail, it’s not just a sailboat, it’s also our home. That means that going sailing requires a significant amount of work pre-departure: putting everything away so it doesn’t go flying when we heel or tack, and clearing the decks and cockpits so that sail lines are unencumbered. If we’re going long distances it also involves taking the motor off the dinghy and lifting the dinghy up onto the deck. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it once the engine turns off and it’s just you, the wind and the sea.

Besides work and the very occasional sail, it’s been pretty uneventful down here. In early February we helped with markset for the Caribbean Multihull Challenge catamaran race. David was super excited to get to drive the Yacht Club’s center-console, 90-horse tender to set and later pick up the marks indicating the race course.

Going through the Simpson Bay bridge to pick up the marks after the race

As evidenced by David’s rain jacket in the picture above, it has been unseasonably rainy this year, making for some great rainbow pictures.

Rainbow over sailboats in Marigot Bay
Rainbow over Marigot Bay
Rainbow over the lagoon in SXM
Lagoon rainbow
Golden water in Marigot as the sun sets

In other news, we’ve booked our flights back home, so we only have 7 weeks left until we haul the boat out for the summer. With the two of us working so much, it’s hard to say what those seven weeks will hold. Only time will tell!

Apart from that, there’s nothing much to report. It seems like all the excitement is happening elsewhere. In February, we watched with horror as our once-boring city was taken over by honking protestors. We were very grateful that our family and home were far enough away from the madness downtown. And then Russia started a war in Ukraine. Wasn’t this supposed to be the year that things got back to some sort of normal?

We are incredibly thankful that we were able to get back to our boat this year. It feels like such a gift to now be anchored off this tiny island in the Caribbean that feels like a second home, where we can eat French food to our hearts’ content.

Speaking of French food, stay tuned for a related post that is sure to get your mouth watering.

Sun setting over the beach at Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten.
Simpson Bay sunset

2 thoughts on “Life goes on in SXM

  1. The light is amazing in your pictures! (Which prompt the question, which one of you two is the photographer?)

    I was glad I skipped the madness in Ottawa. Random Brazilians were often mentionning how “chaotic” the country seemed to be when I mentioned being Canadian, which I found pretty hilarious. “Nope, nothing ever happens… except that one time, don’t ask me why…”

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